FACT: The only ready-mixed stuffing with cranberries!

FACT: Easy in-the-bird preparation.

FACT: Made with genuine Bell’s Seasoning.

FACT: 16-ounce size stuffs a 20-pound.

Want to try a zesty new way to enjoy your holiday turkey? Try Bell's New England Style Stuffing. Made with hand-picked Ocean Spray™ cranberries—this is like no other stuffing you've ever had!

And, just like Bell's Traditional Stuffing, it’s the easiest in-the-bird stuffing imaginable. Just add water, butter (or margarine)… mix and stuff. Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

5-minute prep option - fast side dish,And now with an easy "5-Minute Prep" option, you can make Bell's stuffing on your stove-top too! The fast and delicious side-dish for just one person or for the whole family!

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